Friday, September 7, 2018

Reflection in the Middle (Weekend Reflections # 467)

Santa Ana, California

I almost missed this thin mirror reflection as I walked passed the dress shop. I walked back and had to aim at just the right angle to capture this mannequin reflection. 

Happy reflecting!

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This is the place to see and share reflections. Click the rules tab above for more information.  A Reflection =  An image given back by a reflecting surface.  A PHOTOGRAPH of a REFLECTION or REFLECTIONS.


  1. Hello James,
    I am always thrilled, what you always see so and the picture would have you firmly gone through the rag.

    It has become wonderful.

    LG Eva

  2. A striking shot reverse shot in the same image. great capture. Have a nice weekend

  3. Hi! She is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. For a second I thought she was Melania!

  5. Another great one and indeed for a reflection the corner of the shot is of great importance.