Friday, March 15, 2024

BAM Karaoke Box (Weekend Street Reflections # 164)

 Paris, France   

I'm not sure but I think she got there early to memorize and practice a few songs. This place has private karaoke rooms for groups of people. BAM 

There are several locations in Paris, this one is Sentier. 

Have you ever tried karaoke? I did once around 30 years ago but I don't like signing so it was more fun to watch other people do it.

                                              Have a great weekend!

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Cloudia said...

Your photos always have a story to tell. Have a brilliant weekend my friend. God bless you. Aloha

Aimz said...

I've only ever done Karaoke once and that was at a party after a few drinks probably 15-20 years ago, not something I would do again though.

Bipolaroid said...

Karaoke inventor died at age of 100 years.

Jim said...

James, I am with you on the Karaoke, I can't sing, was told by a Methodist music director that he'd "rather I not be in [his] choir. I used to sing with another Methodist church and even was in the men's chorus. Never again, until Heaven, will I be singing in a choir. I think your lady had ordered and now was checking something on her cell phone that was perplexing or bothering her a bit. She might be reading whatever again while she waited to be served.

Linda said...

Nice photo! I’ve only been to a karaoke bar once, and I didn’t sing.