Friday, April 30, 2021

A Slow Night at the Trattoria (Weekend Street/Reflections # 14)

 Newport Beach, California

I took this photo in 2018 however it could have been taken in 2020 or 2021 with more customers.  COVID restrictions haven't been enforced in my city and several restaurants have remained open. 

However, I think some restaurants were open only for takeaway for a while.

I've been tracking COVID since February 2020, and thankfully, it has never been a big problem here.

Newport Beach population 86,000:

As of April 29, 2021, there are approximately 134 cases.

From day one less than 5% of the population have been infected (3,868 cases), and of those infected, more than 98% survive. (total deaths 75)

How has it been where you live?

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marsha said...

Nice usual. It has been a while since have linked a post...but hope to continue.
In my province of over 1 million people, there have been about 35,000 cases of Covid-19 and about 1000 deaths. Hopefully we are just past the crest of the third wave, with about 200 or less new cases per day. Luckily I have got my 1st vaccination shot. Nice that you live in an area that has not been badly hurt by the virus.

Taken For Granted said...

Eating in a restaurant is a fond memory. Perhaps we will get back to that at some time, but for now we are still ordering take out food to try to keep restaurants alive. Like the subtle reflections in your photo. By all means have a good weekend, James.

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

The gentleman appears to have fallen asleep in his chair. South Florida has been a hotspot but it is gradually getting better. We took our first trip since before the pandemic started, flying to Chicago and seeing our grandchildren and 2 great-grandsons for the first time in over two years. We have been vaccinated and the airline enforced the mask policy.

Debbie at Travel with Intent said...

Not the happiest looking people.

Jim said...

Nice capture, James. We don't have any Trattoria's here, Next Time at Newport Beach we will have to try it. I have an aunt who still lives near, I think.

Thérèse said...

Belle illustration qui pourrait être vraiment actuelle.
La situation n'est pas si bonne à Toulouse mais l'espoir est en marche grace à la vaccination. Il nous faudrait être raisonnables tous en même temps, un peu trop à demander à certains.

Susie of Arabia said...

Jeddah is a city of 4 million. We've had 417,000 cases and 400,000 recovered. Total deaths from Covid - 6,957.
We've had 2 family mambers die here from the virus and 2 more in the US. I've personally lost track of how many others I know around the world who have died of Covid or who have contracted it.

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Where I live . . . compared with other areas of England, the number of people who have been ill with Covid is high. However, compared with many of those areas, the number of deaths has been fortunately low. I don't know whether this is because of the overall health of the local population or that we are specially fortunate in our medical staff.
I have been indoors for most of this last year in consequence but now the number of infections is dropping and restrictions are being lifted, I am able to venture a little further afield. The photograph I have entered today is merely a few minutes drive up the hill from me but I've not been there in ages until this morning.
Best wishes James. It's reassuring that things like Weekend Reflections continue come rain or shine.

junie-jesh said...

Happy you give us a more accurate account about a Californian city - even the news on the right was not this positive and low in numbers!

Malyss said...

It seems that everyone in this trattoria is waiting for the evening to end..
No joy, but anyway, a feeling of calm and quietness..
A beautiful shot in its particular way.