Friday, August 5, 2022

Une femme en train de fumer (Weekend Street/Reflections # 80)

Paris, France

Healthy vs unhealthy habits. 

Smoking cigarettes and eating too much ice cream (Berthillon) is bad for you.  

Walking and bike riding is good for you. 

I don't smoke or ride a bike, but I walk a lot, and I like to eat ice cream, toujours avec modération.😇

                                             Have a nice weekend!

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"Street photography, a genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. The very publicness of the setting enables the photographer to take candid pictures of strangers, often without their knowledge."



Cloudia said...

Moderation yes! Nice picture taken on two points Street

Cloudia said...

Oh! Two Bridges! Ponts

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Oh, I see it is almost exactly between the two bridges. I gave up smoking over 50 years ago and never looked back. Probably the single most healthy decision I have made in my life. Oh, Ice Cream is another matter.

Taken For Granted said...

I also walk and eat ice cream. I used to bike a lot, but my knees complain. Another fine street shot. The lady has not gotten the meno about smoking.

Amy said...

I use to smoke in my younger years but haven't done it for a long time, when I worked in dentistry I saw the effects of smoking on peoples bodies and teeth, it's not good

Anonymous said...

Quick a last puff before having La Glace, Sorbet, or Gelato. Rue des deux Ponts, down from the Notre Dame Paris Chapel? We may have caught our daughter very close, maybe she ran across one of the bridges, running in the 2013 Paris Marathon.

Anonymous said...

I quit chewing and dipping in the late 70's, there weren't many places to spit in our buildings except in the rest rooms and the water fountains. I had quit smoking my pipe a few months before. because of a perpetual lip sore.


Lydia C. Lee said...

To much Berthillon is never bad for you!! the lines for that shop were astounding (but deserved!).

s.c said...

Funny an amsterdam bike (v.moof) in your shot but indeed this street photography is very nice and gives an excellent view of the place you are.

Linda said...

Keep on walking and ice cream won’t hurt you.

lesh Stgermain said...

When we were in Europe the last time, it seemed people there are more smokers there than here. Wheat's your experience? Emille