Friday, November 4, 2022

London Calling (Weekend Street/Reflections # 93)


London, England

The man was on Great George Street walking toward Westminster Bridge. 

The phone box reminded me of the title track of an album I had when I was in high school.

It's also the title of this post.😄    

                                                                                    London Calling by The Clash (1979)

Have a good weekend!

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"Street photography, a genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place. The very publicness of the setting enables the photographer to take candid pictures of strangers, often without their knowledge."


Cloudia said...

You do get around! Go Phillies!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I love seeing these red phone boxes James. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great week ahead

Jim said...

Conflicts come and go, meanwhile causing hard feelings or more.
I've probably got you beat on London visits twice a year while our daughter lived there for five years. She took the grandkids and her spouse and two visit them. Other times before and after also.
Google Blogger has gone bonkers with visitor comments and posting.

Taken For Granted said...

Good association of your image and the music. Those phone boxes are becoming a rare sight.

Aimz said...

I miss those red phone boxes, they use to be just about everywhere here.

kwarkito said...

It's a wonderful night picture. So british.I don't think they are still usefelul.

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I have dim memories of green ones back in New York City, but never saw a red one. Can't recall the song either. Must have been way before my time ;>)

Linda said...

Great picture!

s.c said...

Lovely phone box and that in the dark.