Friday, August 28, 2009


I really do appreciate awards even though I don't always pass them on. Today I would like to accept these two awards from Thom. Thom has a really lively blog called Thom's Place 4 Well Whatever. Join him in some fun Hawaiian Style. Thanks Thom!

Now I would like to pass these awards to the following bloggers whom I follow and enjoy regularly. If you wish to pass them to others feel free, if not just accept them with my compliments. I would also like to encourage anyone who reads this to stop by their blogs and just say hello. It's always nice to get comments. OK, OK here they are. :-)

1)Lucy the Cat at Lucy's Cat Lounge

3)Martha at The Daily Grind

4)Sistertex at Spacial Peepol

6)Bonnie Bonsai at Australia:quadrat in focus


Sistertex said...

Wow! Thank you James. Very nice of you. I really enjoy your blog as well, both Something Sighted and Newtown Area Photo. I am so glad you enjoy reading mine! Thanks again.

m_m said...

Oh! Thank you so much! Great pleasure for us! We are happy you like visiting our blog!
Best regards,

Lucy the Cat said...

Thank you! This is my first award. I especially love the I Love Lucy award since she's my namesake. :) You made my day!

Many Purrs,


Sunny said...

This has been my week for awards! Thank you so much, I am delighted to receive them and will pass them along as soon as possible.
Congratulations to you!
Sunny :)

Anya said...

Congratulations on all your awards
You deserve it ....
Your blog is fantastic :))

Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend and to those that you passed these one to. And thanks so much for the shout out. Much appreciated my friend. Have a great Friday :) Aloha

Hilda said...

Congratulations on your two new awards, James! Again, I agree with both sentiments.

Olivier said...

Felicitation pour ton Award.

Malyss said...

Congratulations for the awards you've received!I'm so glad for you!

Merci beaucoup!!Ü
I usually can't go on my blogs on saturday's, because the family crowd don't let me any chance to reach the computer..But today, I could make a short jump, and .. There you were!Your awards are like a refreshing rain, and believe me, it's a compliment!
I really do appreciate your every day visits and the nice and interesting comments you left each time.
Thank you!

Martha in PA said...

Thank you thank you!

I am so glad that I found your blog(s). You are challenging me to find new and unusual places to photograph and explore!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Thank you James. Despite my shortcomings, you still spoil me. :)
I am so honoured that I ask myself, "do I deserve this?"

I'll give it a place of honour in my Appreciation cabinet. Please give me time to work on it.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Am delighted to accept these Awards.

Thanks again.