Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting Point of the old Delaware Canal

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the starting point of the Delaware Canal in Bristol PA were mules pulled barges full of supplies all the way up to Easton Pennsylvania begining in the 1830's.
You might remember a post from June that showed a portion of the canal further up in New Hope PA. If not it can be seen here.
The top two pictures in this post are a commemorative circle and a close up of it's center, which shows the route of the canal. It looks like it was put there in 1931.
Fellow Pennsylvania blogger Martha in PA explained about the Miles of Mules project in her New Adventures of Lansdale and Beyond blog in June. The mule in this post is one of those from the project.
Did you see my "Surreal Life on Neptune" post the other day on my Something Sighted blog? Well believe it or not that picture is actually the back of this mule after some editing by moi.
I noticed a few ants crawling on it and thought it would be fun to be creative.
This mule was found near an Applebee's restaurant in Newtown PA. There were 170 of them in the project and I think Martha has found six. So I'm going to keep my eyes open to see more around here.


Anonymous said...

James, that is neat! I think that I can actually see one of those ants on this mule's patootie!

Martha in PA said...

Woo hoo, you found another MULE! I will definitely have to get to your neck of the woods to get my own picture of that one... even though YOU are the one who discovered it! Thanks for the mention in your post!

Pam said...

I use to drive along that canal on the way to visit with my sister. It was a wonderful pathway and she always love to take a stroll there.
I knew they had mules that towed barges along the path but I never herd about the mule statues. They are so cool, I will ask my sister if she knows about them.
Wonderful post James, I always enjoy seeing my old tromping grounds and learning something new :D

Anonymous said...

So that's where that photo was taken. I loved it. What an interesting concept the Miles of Mules. Great photos :)

Ebie said...

This is my main blog.
I just came from Neptune and I see where you got that from. Very creative. 170 art work of mules is a lot, so how many down and how many to go?

Vogon Poet said...

I like the story of the mules and the Miles of them. Now that I can see Neptune in perspective, I hope you'll find many new planets, inhabitated or not. It's nice to know there are 170 of them!

Kcalpesh said...

Very interesting to read and see!

Jacob said...

What a beautiful ass! Funny, James, as Ocala/Marion County being the "Horse capital of the world," we have what's known as "Horse Fever," which consist of 50-60 painted horses placed in various areas around town. I've shown a few in earlier posts.

By the way, I talked with your wife and she said it wasn't my photo that made you dizzy! ;-)))

Hilda said...

Oh, okay. Heehee. I thought the ant was on your arm and you have weird blue light at home :D

But I still want to know what those black things that look like hair are. Dust? Cracks in the paint? :P

Love the canal map! And is that the canal painted on the mule too?

Lois said...

Love the mule! What fun to look for them and see how many you can get pictures of.

Julie said...

what a nice pathway to travel down. I like the canal map also. good capture. Thanks for all of your comments on my site while we were away on the solar eclipse tour. We appreciate your words. I am enjoying catching up on everyone's photos and yours are a pleasure to see. We also finally got our travel website officially launched so it is now open at or it can be accessed through the link on my website. I hope things are well. Enjoy!

Asta said...

Hi James,

I love the map. It's fantastic. Thank you also for the story. It's very interesting.

Have a great day!

Best regards

Chin said...

good story! good project! good mule!

Julie said...

Canals fascinate me endlessly ... I will follow some of these leads, especially Martha.