Sunday, June 14, 2009

Philadelphia Brown

Enlarge to see the faces above the 2nd floor windows also the other details
When I was walking between Eastern State Pen. and the Art Museum in Philadelphia the other day I was amazed by all the wonderful old row houses and brownstones. Here are a couple of them. The bottom one is the Bergdoll mansion it's at the corner of Green and 22nd streets and the other is also on Green street. The Bergdoll was built in 1890 by a wealthy brewery owner. It has since been turned into apartments, but from the pictures i've seen the inside has been restored beautifully.

I would also like to mention that I just returned from an evening walk. There is a trail that winds around my neighborhood half way into the trail I started see flicks of light then more and more at that moment I realized I was seeing lightning bugs for the first time. When I turned a corner there was a grassy field several acres around, and as I walked I watched an amazing light show. It wasn't completely dark, so I was also able to see bats flying around and eating insects right out of the air. I talked to a guy who said this is just the beginning and in a few weeks the field will be so lit up with lightening bugs that I could read a book out there.

On top of all that the sunset and sky at dusk was beautiful too.(I didn't have my camera with me and if I did I doubt it could have captured the beauty of the scene)

Pennsylvania is a really wonderful place. I am so glad that we moved here.

Finally I would like to thank Martha from PA for recomending this blog to her friends on her blog The Daily Grind.


Lowell said...

There's so much of Philly that I never got to see...these are indeed gorgeous buildings...

Lightning bugs - we used to catch them as kids and put them in jars and light up the yard!

Bats - Well, here's hoping you don't go batty in Pennsylvania!

Bogey said...

We used to have similar type buildings when I lived in Montréal which they would turn into Museums, Restaurants or Apartments. Amazing to think those homes used to belong to one family! This pic is an interesting link to the past. Thanks James.

Cezar and Léia said...

how lucky you are James! Pennsylvania seems a beautiful place indeed!
Great informations and this Museum has a fabulous façade!I loved all green around it!
Perfect post James!
Have a nice week!

PeterParis said...

Nice buildings... somehow surprising to see this type of building isolated in a parklike kandscape; would rather expect them one after the other along a street.

Amazing what (some) people could afford those days!

Lois said...

Such beautiful old buildings with so much character! I've been seeing lightening bugs in my backyard too. My grandson and I always like to sit at the window and watch for them.

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cieldequimper said...

What does Pen stand for? This is a beautiful building.

2sweetnsaxy said...

What great old buildings. So much character and the detailing is beautiful.